Liyang Forwood Drying Equipment Co.,Ltd.
About Us

Liyang Forwood Drying Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a professional wood drying equipment manufacturer in China.We are engaged in the design, production, and marketing of hardwood drying kilns, softwood drying kilns, indirect-fired heating wood kilns, and other wood drying equipment for furniture manufacturing factories, wood flooring factories, core board factories, laminated wood manufacturing factories, wooden crafts manufacturing factories and bamboo products manufacturing factories.

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    1. Engineering design
    2. Design and Engineering

      With a seasoned design and engineering team, we are able to custom design a kiln drying system with optimized...

    1. Parts procurement
    2. Parts Procurement

      Our experienced procurement team will purchase a variety of superior quality parts either from our long-term...

    1. Project installation
    2. Installation

      Forwood will assign dedicated engineers to complete on-site installation assisted by the customer’s staff.

    1. Train
    2. Training

      After successful commissioning, our technician will introduce the applications and performances...